I currently work exclusively either online or outside due to the Covid-19 pandemic and have completed significant additional online training in order to support my practice. I have really enjoyed making the transition to online therapy and hope that you too will find welcoming and easy.

I have lived in many different places both in the UK and worldwide which has added to my interest in people, their experiences and their reactions.  I have had a varied career prior to working in counselling including working in commercial and entertainment environments in different geographical locations. Since qualifying in counselling in 2010 I have worked as a counsellor in many settings including a hospice; a charity working with people in vulnerable housing; GP surgeries; a university and with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  I have found that people often span many criteria and that sometimes one trigger leads to a need to focus on issues which have not been thought about for many years.

My core counselling training was in Psychodynamic therapy with a humanistic perspective meaning that I approach each person with a compassionate curiosity about how they work and how they have developed into the person that they are.

I aim to listen to your story and begin to understand your perspective through your narrative.  Being heard by someone who has no agenda can offer you the opportunity to explore your story from all angles and start to offer yourself the kindness and compassion which you may find easy to offer to others but deny to yourself.  It can be a painful process and it can be interesting to be curious as to why now is the right time for therapy for you and what you are hoping to achieve. This may be something which we spend some time exploring together as the answer may not be clear for you to start with – the important thing can be that first step when you first pick up the telephone or send an exploratory email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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