Welcome to Reflect Therapy. Whatever has brought you to this page, whether it be feelings of distress, finding yourself stuck in a situation which you want to change or feeling overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness counselling can give you space to help you find your own answers.


In response to the current Covid pandemic I am practising largely online. I have found online counselling to be at least, if not more, effective than working face to face. I also offer walk and talk therapy after an initial assessment and online meeting.


Online counselling can offer many benefits. Whether it is the comfort of your own home, a favourite blanket or view from a window; being able to use secure video conference technology means that your counselling journey can continue wherever you are physically as we meet regularly. It also means that if your work involves travel it is easier to maintain a regular time to meet even while you are on the move. This challenging time may in fact be offering us additional opportunities to explore, reflect and grow.

If you are struggling at the moment and that is why you have found this website then I would like to offer you my support to accompany you along your path to recognising and making the changes you want to see.

I look forward to meeting you.

Pips de la Billiere

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